Normally this never happens to me….today I have not one, but two topics I want to talk about. I’ve invented another word for this…Blogblend. I’m adding that to the list of Annette Mori words and now I have: Romash, Inebetweenquel, Instafacetweet and Blogblend. A Blogbled is a blending of two or more completely different topics… Read More Blogblend

The Wall

I don’t really know what has happened to me over the last several months. Not only am I experiencing a writer’s block like none I’ve ever come across before in the three years I’ve been writing, but it has now extended to my blogs. I didn’t know what to write about today, so I decided… Read More The Wall

Vampire Land

If you follow my blog and various Facebook posts, you probably already know I took a brand new position in Forks, Washington which is the rainiest place in the United States. Forks is also where the Twilight series was set. I asked the locals about this because I must admit, I saw all the movies.… Read More Vampire Land